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Without you, there is no big event!! Community participation and good spirits are what makes events like this the perfect way to say FUN!!!!

It's easy to become a sponsor for this tremendous event! It involves your decision to join us, then filling out this form. Please fill in all fields completely.  Then, we will contact you and set it all up! Please take a look at our current sponsors. There is plenty of room for more!! What a great way to showcase your business and products!!

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Important Notice!

If you want to be a vendor at this event, complete and submit this form and then immediatley contact Mike Qualheim at the business office at 702-865-2032 to discuss your needs for the event.

The fee for vendors will be $25 for all you need to set up and will be collected by the tribe.

The last day to get a spot as a vendor is August 19, 2016.



Thank You for Sponsoring this upcoming Annual Cars Stars & Guitars Motorhead Festival! 

Current Sponsors: Budweiser, Walmart, JCM, Alley Rats, 97.1 The Point, KOMP, Bud Light, Dragon Claw, Adams Polish, and Mutt N Jeffs Classics.

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